How I Made $776.25 in One Week

This week has been my most successful week yet, and I want to share with you how I was able to make $776.25 in one week.

A little background to what I’ve been doing to become a solopreneur success:

I quit my regular 9-5 job back in June 2016. So in terms of how long I’ve been working from home (this time anyway) it hasn’t really been that long. Just a few short months.

My first month working from home, I barely made anything. I had really expected that, as I knew that I was going to be growing, learning, and experimenting with what works and what doesn’t.

My second month, I started to see some income come in, but it wasn’t really anything to get excited about. It was enough to cover one of my smaller bills, but I really needed to pay the rest of my bills via my savings account (ouch). Thankfully, I had money saved in anticipation of this.

My third month, I started to gain momentum. My blog was getting more views, I had learned effective networking, became a VA, started freelance writing, and became a hustling expert. Many side hustles that I had found were duds, but many weren’t. And I capitalized on the ones that I found were pure gold.

I had initially had a list going of side hustles that I could do to pull in extra money while I built this blog. One of those side hustles was taking surveys. To tell you honestly, my friends, surveys can be a HUGE waste of your time. Many times you have to take a 10 minute free survey just to see if you qualify for the survey that actually pays. Most of the time I didn’t qualify. So it became this vicious cycle of taking surveys, not getting paid for them, and then being denied access from the surveys that actually paid. Those surveys ended up taking WAY too much time and I was seeing an hourly pay of about $.50. I don’t know about you, but I can’t even consider that an effective side hustle for $.50 an hour.

The one survey site that I did have a lot of luck with, however, was Amazon Turk. Last month I made around $100. Yes, yes, that doesn’t pay the bills. But it does pay some bills. And when I add it to the other side hustles that I had going on it really helped me out a lot (I’ll be posting my income report from August this week to show you…hint, I made over $600 my third month working from home/blogging).

(And just an FYI, this blog post may contain affiliate links. I will never share affiliate links that I don’t love and enjoy myself. If you purchase something from my affiliate link I will receive a small commission, at no charge to you, and it helps to keep this blog up and running)

Last month, I began reading The Secret and I watched the dvd. If you haven’t read that book yet and watched the movie, I highly suggest doing so. It gives explicit detail to the laws of attraction, and how to visualize what you want for yourself.

I had actually read and watched The Secret before, and I loved it before too. I had just never taken it upon myself to implement visualization techniques into my life. I didn’t really know how. I was still a little skeptical. And I didn’t want people thinking I was crazy.

Last month though, I started actually applying them to my life, and everything was almost instantaneous. I got hired as a VA, got my first freelance writing gig, AND was able to pay off some debt that I had accumulated. I also found money that I had no idea I had lost, was offered a job that I had to turn down, and found a bank error in my favor. All of this because I stopped thinking about how hard it is to earn money and started training myself to think “Money comes easily and effortlessly”.

It was amazing. I feel so grateful for the Secret coming back into my life, and that this time I had the courage to listen.

Anyway, let’s get to the goods shall we?

Here’s the breakdown:

$40 VA

$58 Freelance Writing

$11 Ads from Blogging (I still have about $40 before I hit the threshold to receive a payment)

$9 MTurk

$565 Cleaning out my storage shed and selling crap

$ 89 Checking my online banking and finding a recurring payment that shouldn’t have been there

$4.25 Affiliate links

I  Became a VA

A few weeks ago, in one of the Facebook blogging groups that I’m in, a wonderful lady asked if there were other single moms in the group and she stated that she would love to connect. I jumped on that because I love hearing success stories from other moms, but especially single moms since I can really relate.

Her and I started chatting regularly, asking opinions about each others site, and just getting to hear each other’s story. It was awesome to start building a friendship with someone so much similar to myself.

Then, about a few weeks in she expressed her need for a VA to help with her Pinterest account, and I told her how Pinterest was my specialty. I’ve had a blast helping her get her Pinterest account in line with her brand, expand her list of followers, and get her more pins on her awesome content.

Freelance Writing

I’ve heard some people talk about how freelance writing job boards aren’t worth your time. Sometimes that might be true, depending on how much you expect to make an hour, and how many words they want. But the thing with writing is this, you rarely ever get paid an hourly wage. Unless you become a writing working for somebody else, or you have enough experience and background writing for bigger blogs and magazines and can expect the big bucks.

So, being a newbie freelance writer, I decided to check out some freelance writing job boards. Some of them are incredibly low priced, to the point of being ridiculous. But I found one that is pretty amazing and that I love. The more jobs you get done on time and get approved the higher paying jobs you qualify for. I am now writing $40 articles, which isn’t something to laugh at.

Ads from Blogging

This one pretty much speaks for itself. I haven’t reached my threshold yet for receiving a check, but I’m getting much closer than I was a few months ago.

Amazon Turk

Again, this site has been awesome. The more jobs you do, the more you qualify for. They have higher paying surveys too. Often I will do $2.00 surveys that take 10 minutes. That’s fairly decent and easy money. I have also been seeing a ton of transcribing jobs on there, so if you are set up as a transcriber you might want to check them out. I saw a $135 transcribing job on there the other day! The only thing that you will have to do is be able to pass their qualification tests to be eligible to accept the job.

Cleaning out my Storage Shed and Selling Crap

Yes, I know, anybody can have a yard sale. But this was more than that. I actually didn’t have a yard sale. Because of my visualization techniques that I had been using from the Secret I had been seeing myself in a large house that was completely clutter free. I could see beautiful art work on the walls, nice furniture, and a completely organized house without knick nacks and discussion pieces. So I purged a lot of my stuff. I found stuff that I had purchased because it was “cool” or exciting to own, but I never really did anything with it. For instance: I had an outdoor movie theater set up. It came with the blow up screen and projector. And I used it twice last year. Not once this year did I use it and I couldn’t see myself using it next year either. So I sold it.

I also sold a brand new dishwasher that I just knew I was going to use someday (my house is too small at the moment) but it was definitely in the way all the time. I still have a pile of things to sell too, smaller things like clothes, dishes, books, and knick nacks. All of this was sold using local Facebook yard sale pages. And all of what I’ve already sold was sold within a day.

Check my Online Banking and Finding a Recurring Payment That Shouldn’t Have Been There

For years I was completely against online banking. I always felt like it was incredibly risky and unsafe. So I’ve always relied on my monthly statements that came in the mail. And that’s why I never noticed a payment was being deducted out of my bank every month for the past year.

Thankfully, a few weeks ago I finally got tired of calling the bank and asking if certain payments had been withdrawn or deposited (when you have 50 gazillion side hustles that pay through various sources, it can get a little frustrating trying to make sure that every one of them has been deposited). So, I got my online banking set up.

The first thing I saw, after I got signed into my checking, was a charge for $10.88 with the words “recurring” next to it. This bill was from Amazon, and since I love to purchase from Amazon, I never noticed that it was being withdrawn from my bank every month because I was only looking at one month at a time.

So I called Amazon and found out that they had automatically signed me up for something that I thought came free with my Amazon Prime membership. After a lot of talking and them trying to tell me that they could only refund me 3 months back, and me telling them that 3 months is unacceptable (I must’ve used that word 100 times in our entire conversation) they finally agreed to refund me back to the beginning of 2016. It wasn’t the entire refund, but it was definitely better than a poke in the eye…and better than 3 months, so I took it.

Affiliate Links

Again, this one should be pretty self explanatory if you’re in the blogging world. Heck, even if you aren’t you probably know what affiliate links are. If not though, affiliate links are links that lead you to a product or service for a company that you’re an affiliate of. If you wholeheartedly believe in a product (like The Secret) you share the affiliate link on your blog, tell your audience why it’s awesome, and if they decide to purchase the product using your link you receive a small commission at no extra charge to the purchaser. The commission isn’t huge, per sale, but it helps bloggers to keep their blogs up and running. And most bloggers will only post an affiliate link if it’s something that they truly believe in and love themselves.

Well, there you have it. My break down. I hope everyone is having an awesome month! Also…don’t forget to enter the Giveaway for your chance to win one of two copies up for grabs of my first e-book that’s coming out at the end of this month! 🙂



How to Start a Blog and Earn a Full Time Income

Blogging has become a very lucrative work from home “job”. But I don’t really consider it a job. It’s one thing that I absolutely love doing, and earning money doing it is just the icing on the cake.

Being able to share my thoughts and how-to’s to the world is a blast.

The fact that I’m pretty introverted has made blogging even more of a bad ass adventure. I’ve gotten to meet and collaborate with some pretty awesome people, all through the safety of my computer and telephone. And someday I would like to meet people face to face, go to a convention or two, break out of my introverted shell.

Some of these people have been blogging for years. And some are even making six figures…a month. Yes, you read that right.

Femtrepreneur is one of them.

How to Start a Blog

This post may contain affiliate links. Like always, all opinions are 100% my own, and I will never share anything with you that I myself don’t absolutely love. 

The first step of starting a blog is to find your niche, or the main subject that you are going to blog about. I will be honest here, the most successful blogs include a lot of how-to’s, recipes, diy projects, etc. They are the type of blog that not only inspires their readers but teaches them and provides value.

In order for your blog to get posts shared and increased visitors, I do suggest choosing an area that you can provide value to your audience.

And getting increased visitors is a must, because the more visitors you have the better your chances of being noticed by sponsors, or making affiliate link sales (more on that later).

Another thing about niches…try not to be a jack of all trades. If you post about recipes, craft projects, fashion, travel, and dogs it’s going to be really difficult to identify your target audience. And if you can’t identify your target audience, it’s almost impossible to find them.

Once you’ve narrowed down your niche, you need to think of a name for your blog.

Choosing a Domain Name

I suggest when choosing a domain name, create a list of names that you absolutely love (my free worksheet will help). Make sure that you do love it because it’s going to be a name that you’re “stuck” with for quite a long time, and changing domain names is a pain…in…the…arse.

I said to create a list of names, because it’s quite possible that the domain name that you really want is already taken. That’s quite common in the internet world.

One way that I chose the name of this particular blog was to think about every search that I’d ever done on the subject I wanted to write about.

I had remembered literally typing “Single mom works from home” into my Google search bar. I had been trying to find like minded individuals and single moms who worked from home. So think about what types of keywords people will use when doing a search for information on your niche.

Once you’ve written your list of suggested names, search them out. I recommend ending your domain name with a .com as that is the most common one out there, and it makes it easier for people to find you.

If a name is unavailable it will take you directly to a page that’s already set up with that name, or it might take you to a landing page of sorts which will ask you if you want to purchase the name. I highly suggest against this.

Some people make a living taking advantage of those that are desperate for a certain domain name. These people will purchase domain names at dirt cheap and then turn around and resell them to the desperate ones for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Steer clear of those. Purchasing a domain name from them is not a requirement and is not very cost friendly at all.

The Difference Between a Free Platform and Self Hosting

There are certain free blogging platforms out there that can be used for the ones not looking to make much money or spend much money. But these platforms are very unprofessional.

The key to making money with blogging is that you have to show your audience that you are an expert in your field. You have the right and the talent to be able to direct them and inform them. But if your blog is hosted on Blogger, it’s going to appear amateurish.

Self hosted blogs can be expensive, I get that. But they don’t have to be. I’m currently with Bluehost and love them a lot. Their prices are very reasonable and affordable, and if you sign up using my link you can get them for only $3.49 a month (actually, and I will keep an eye on this for you, it looks like they’ve dropped down to $2.95 a month if you use my link. For a limited time only…giggidy!! I love deals!!).

When self hosting, you own your site. You own the content on your site. You can design it how you like, purchase themes, add logos, redesign the layout, develop a strong brand…anything. On the free sites your options are very limited.

You have the option to choose one of their themes and then write content. But how can you leave a lasting impression if that’s all that you do?

After You Create Your Self Hosted Site

There are a few different options for actually creating the website, layout and design after you have established your self hosted site.

I personally suggest installing WordPress.

WordPress allows you to search through various themes and choose one that fits your brand as well as your preferred layout. And there are many free themes out there that are easy to work with and an excellent addition to your site.

While in your c-panel for Bluehost (the first page you will come to after signing in), click on the WordPress link and follow the on screen instructions for installing it onto your site.

Once it’s installed, log in to your website by typing in your domain name and clicking on the button for signing in. To check out the free themes, scroll down and to your left you will see a link that says “Appearance”.

Click on that link and you will have the option to check out the already installed themes. The ones that are already installed are WordPress’ simple designed themes. These ones are incredibly basic and, to be honest, a little hard to design.

I preferred doing a search for free themes and seeing what was out there. If you know the color palette you are going for, you can try searching for specific colors. You can also just browse through everything that they have.

The one that I have is called Vogue, and I really like how easy it is to create my own layout of posts and the fact that I can add my brand colors and design right in. But there are hundreds more to choose from.

Once you have your theme installed, start designing. An awesome tool if you are a designing newbie is Canva. They provide templates for creating your blog images and are an excellent place to house your color palette to make sure your brand is always on point.

Before Launching Your Blog

I highly suggest that before you launch your blog that you have at least 5 posts rip roaring and ready to go. That way when you start sharing your posts on social media your audience will have more than one post to read as they find you.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to create an About Me page, Contact Me page, and set up with an email host. I use the SumoMe plug in on my blog, as well as MailerLite to keep all of my subscribers organized and to send out weekly emails.

MailerLite is awesome because they are free to use until you get 1000 subscribers and they are REALLY easy to use. Drag and drop options make life extra nice.

Making Money

So…how does one actually make money blogging? I would love to tell you that it’s easy peasy to make money blogging. But the truth is that it takes hard work and dedication.

In order to make money blogging you have to provide a good or service to your audience. One that is so full of value it will leave them wanting to come back for more.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one way to make money blogging. With affiliate marketing you find a product or service that you love, and that you know your niche will love, and you post links on your site. The more that people click and purchase the product or service that you are marketing, the more income you will bring in.

The key here is to make sure that it’s niche specific.

I was reading an article the other day from a fellow work from home blogger. The post was well written and I enjoyed the content. I was actually about to subscribe to her mailing list, when I noticed something. At the bottom of her post were affiliate links to her favorite clothing and shoes brands. As awesome as it was that she was so excited about these brands that she wanted to share them with the world, it turned me off because I just wasn’t interested.

If you post affiliate links that don’t fit your niche, you will lose trust among your readers. And that is something that is incredibly difficult to get back.

The first rule of making money blogging, is that we don’t blog just to make money. Don’t consider your audience your customers unless you have a product or service that you are trying to sell to them (like an e-book, e-course, or consultation). And even then, still provide high quality content and encourage them to keep coming back.

I’ve provided some additional resources regarding using affiliate links in the worksheet that goes with this tutorial.


When you’ve gotten enough page views per month and your subscriber list has grown you can be approached by sponsors. Actually, you can approach them yourself.

If you know and love a company that is specific to your niche and you want to do a write up about them, why not get paid?

You know how, when listening to the radio, you’ll hear things like “This program is brought to you by…” or “Here’s a word from our sponsors…” well…that’s what you’re doing. The sponsors are getting advertisement, and you are making it possible to continue to blog and work toward that full time income.

Selling Info Products

Once you’ve established yourself as an expert in your field, start creating info products that will add value to your audience’s lives. Create e-books, e-courses, or consultation sessions. Webinars are also a huge hit.

A Bonus For You…

If you sign up for your self hosting site using my link through Bluehost, send me a link to your website as soon as it’s up and running. I will become your first subscriber AND I will tell all of my subscribers about you!

Another Bonus…

I created a free worksheet to go with this tutorial. Enjoy!

Why You’ll Never Make a Full Time Income Taking Surveys + What to do Instead

Am I the only one that gets tired of searching for work from home opportunities, just to be bombarded by a slue of “Make $2000 from home taking surveys” junk? Because that’s what they are, really. They’re junk.

Don’t get me wrong, I do surveys. I even enjoy doing surveys. I’ll even give you links to awesome survey sites and suggest that you use them in your spare time.

However, I will not disillusion you to believe that by doing so you will be able to make full time income…ever. Because it’s never going to happen.

Most survey sites require that you take screen surveys first, to see if you qualify for the survey. There have been times where I have gone over an hour without qualifying for a survey. That’s an hour that I didn’t get paid squat.

But hey, even if I had qualified…surveys pay between $0.05 to $1.00 typically and can last as long as an hour. I don’t know about you, but my time is worth more than $1.00 an hour.

So, when SHOULD I do surveys?

That’s a fantastic question, and I’m going to tell you. You should do surveys when you have nothing else to do, literally.

If you do transcription work from home and have no more jobs left for the day, hit up some survey sites.

If you’re a blogger and you’ve done all of the tasks you’ve set up for yourself, hit up some survey sites.

Heck, sometimes you can take surveys while watching TV at night which can bring you in some extra moolah.

But don’t procrastinate your actual money earning tasks for surveys. They just…aren’t…worth…it.

If I’m Looking to Work From Home and Don’t Have a Source of Income Yet, What Can I Look at Besides Surveys?

Depending on what type of skills you have and what type of job you are wanting, many jobs can be found on my Work From Home Resource Library – Job Board. You can access it here, but you will have to sign up first to receive the password.

If you are interested in Freelance Writing and don’t know where to start, check out this article about various Freelance Writing job boards. Caution on this one though. Yes, these job boards are an awesome place to start. However, you will want to sign up with as many job boards as you can and price compare to see which ones will have the better payout for you. There’s nothing more frustrating than researching and writing for an hour to only be paid $1.50.

And unless you work yourself to the bone, there’s really no way to make a full time income doing that.

Why Not Work For Yourself?

One of the best options to make a full time income from home is, quite simply, to work for yourself.

There are a lot of places that hire remote workers and freelancers, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of those places only have part time hours available or don’t pay well.

If you need some inspiration, here’s an article I did about a single mom that makes $75K a year as an event planner. She’s pretty inspirational!

So I think it’s time to ask yourself some very key questions:

  1. What is your passion?
  2. If you could do anything, BE anything, what would it be?
  3. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?

And then, dang it, go out and do it! No excuses. You are a unique bowl of amazing sauce, just go out and show the world.

I’m currently working on creating a free e-course just for the person who wants to work from home, but doesn’t know where to start…so stay tuned for that.




How One Single Mom Makes $75K a Year as an Event Planner

The other day I had the pleasure of meeting an awesome work from home mom, Jen Pizano. Not only is she a work from home mom, she’s also a single mom like myself, so I could definitely relate to everything that she has done on her own to make a better life for her and her family.

While speaking with her, I couldn’t help but be amazed and impressed with her positive outlook and go-getter attitude. Just like me, she fully believes in being positive, encouraging others, and just going out there and doing it.

For the past couple of years she’s been making her living as an event planner, and I wanted to share with you how she was able to do it. Jen!
Everyone…meet Jen!

Tell me about yourself…

Jen: I’m a work at home single mom with 3 kids ages 13, 12 and 11. I’m also a full time event planner. During the week I work from home and during the weekends I host events or help out with events.

If you could describe your business using 3 words, what words would you choose?

Jen: Friends, fabulous and happy!

What type of events do you specialize in?

Jen: Mostly weddings but I also do kids birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, corporate events, and any other types of events people need me for. I’m very open to all types of events.

How did you get started with event planning?

Jen: My grandma was a florist and I use to help her out. My mother also has a kid character company, with people that dress up as characters for birthday parties, and I’ve helped with that too. So I’ve always kinda been behind the scenes working on events.

I’ve also worked in restaurants and catering companies. I’ve been involved in a lot of work that ties directly into event planning. It’s never really felt like a job to me. It’s a lot of fun.

My sister got married in 2004 and I helped plan the wedding. A lot of people told me that I should do it for a living. Even though I didn’t start working for myself full time until 2 years ago, I kinda feel like I’ve always been in this industry.

How long have you been self employed?

Jen: With the event planning, 2 years.

Did you have any other entrepreneurial business ventures before event planning?

Jen: I had an online cupcake shop for a while and I’m also going to be doing business coaching and mentoring. As a matter of fact I’ve found an awesome group of ladies that I meet with once a week to bounce ideas off of. We help to keep each other motivated and mentor each other. It’s a lot of fun.

What do you love most about working for yourself?

Jen: I love that I get to make my own schedule. If I have to pick my kids up for some appointment or something else or if I want to work in the evenings because I have stuff to do in the mornings, it’s really nice. I just really enjoy the fact that I have the flexibility to do what needs to be done.

I also really like working for myself because I don’t have anybody else telling me what to do. I get to be my own boss.

Could you tell us roughly how much income you bring home a year?

Jen: Right now it’s falling between $60,000 and $75,000 a year. I expect that it might get to be more than that in the future.

If you could go back in time and tell yourself 3 things that you wish you had known before starting this venture, what would they be?

Jen: I would tell myself this:

  1. Give it 5 years. If it hasn’t worked out in 5 years, then it’s time to move onto something else.
  2. Find a good support system. Like I said previously, I love the group of women that I meet with every week. They really help to support and inspire me. I feel that it’s really important, especially as a woman, to find people that truly support you and will help you network and market your business.
  3. It’s okay to start over. The only person that really cares about you starting over is you. Other people don’t care about that.

What advice would you give somebody who wants to start as an event planner?

Jen: Start as an intern first with somebody that you respect that is already in event planning. Somebody that you want to learn from. Get familiar with the industry and how it works. Once you feel that you’re ready to branch off on your own, don’t be afraid to jump right in.

What’s the one thing that you wish you had done differently when first starting your business?

Jen: I wish that I had been more confident. I hadn’t been very confident my first year and I feel like my business struggled a bit because of it. If I had been confident when I first started, I don’t feel that my first year would’ve been so hard.

How do you keep your day balanced between family and work?

Jen: Balance? What’s that? Haha.

I don’t know what the word balance means. Some days I have tons of family time. Some days I have tons of work time. I try to create a good strategy and ask for help if it’s needed. Even if it’s just somebody helping with laundry or picking up the kids.

I’m really good at delegating tasks and I focus on where I need to be and where my energy needs to be for that specific point in time. I try to find 3 things that I want to focus on and then devote my time and energy to those 3 things.

Do you have a website that people can go to if they would like more information on your services and who you are?

Jen: I don’t yet. I’m currently working on getting my new site set up. It is going to showcase my events and is kinda going to be an umbrella of everything that I do.

Do you have any reading material that you would suggest for somebody starting out?

Jen: No specific books come to mind about event planning. However, I encourage people to always be working on themselves. Read any books that help you to become a better person and to increase your know how in dealing with people.

Is there anything else that you think we should know about you and your awesome business?

Jen: Nothing specific really, but I am full of gratitude and thankful for the opportunities that have come into my life; including my business. Without the support that I’ve had I wouldn’t be where I am today.

What a positive person she is! I definitely felt gratitude just for having the opportunity to meet her.


Why You Need to Have a Blog if You Want to Work From Home + How to Start One in Less Than 10 Minutes

Why You Need to Have a Blog if You Want To Work From Home

When you work from home, you are your own boss. Your own company. You set the hours that you are going to work, the type of product or services that you are going to offer, the type of people that you will work with. And most of all you market yourself.

Most companies have a marketing team. These people are responsible for understanding who their customers are, where they are located, and how to market toward them. When you work from home YOU are your marketing team.

So having a blog is important.

It’s an outlet for the right people to find you. Whether you are freelancing or selling homemade products, if you don’t have a way to reach out to the people that will help you reach your financial goals you’re pretty much dead in the water.

Those people are important. They want to know who you are and they want to trust you. And the best way for them to get to know you, without having to meet you first, is to read your blog.

Blogging has become a lucrative field in itself, so the fact that you could also monetize your blog to increase monthly earnings is a HUGE win.

It’s also a fantastic way for you to showcase your talent, whatever that may be.

Freelance writers, editors, and designers all benefit from blogging because every blog post gives an idea of what they can do as well as their style. But they aren’t the only ones.

If you want to sell your homemade crafts, start a blog about diy crafting. You’re going to sell electronics on Ebay? Start a blog about new technology. Become the expert that people turn to when they know that they need your services.

How to Start a Blog in Less Than 10 Minutes

{Contains affiliate links, however all opinions are 100% my own and I will only suggest products that I absolutely love and believe in}

Starting a blog is easy. It’s as simple as choosing a domain name, a host, and a platform.

If all of those are foreign concepts, let me break it down:

A domain name is the name of your website. Write out a list of ideas you would like for your domain name. It’s usually best if your domain name is on topic with what you will be doing, however just your name will work too. Especially since you are your own brand.

A host is who you will go through to house your domain name. When choosing one, choose a high quality web host. Going through websites that are not self hosted doesn’t look professional. They may be free, but it’s harder for people to take you seriously. I suggest Bluehost (if you purchase through my link you can get started for just $3.49 a month).

A platform is what you will use to actually design and set up your website. There are a few different options available. I suggest Weebly if you aren’t very tech savvy. They have some awesome drag and drop features that make designing a website fun and easy.

If you’re a little bit more advanced or like more options, I suggest WordPress. One of the reasons why I love them so much is because they have additional plug ins that will help you design your site exactly how you want it.

So, again…

Step 1: Choose a domain name

Step 2: Choose a host

Step 3: Choose a platform

I hope this brief run down of why you need a blog and how to start one was helpful to you.

6 Side Hustles to Earn Extra Cash For Your Pocket

I think we’ve all been in a desperate crunch for extra cash. It happens. Like if having an unexpected bill come up that throws your savings account off. Or if you want to plan a fun trip for the faimly.

I think we’ve all been there.

So I’ve compiled a list of some companies that I use to put some extra mullah in my pocket and would love to share them with you.

(This post may contain affiliate links. My opinions are 100% my own)

Survey Sites

Amazon’s Mturk

I use Mturk every month to get some extra cash in my pocket. Many months it equates to $20 or more. And the more jobs that you do the more that you qualify for.

I’ve currently done more than 50 jobs and I now qualify for higher paying jobs like freelance writing articles, taking pictures of certain landmarks, and higher paying surveys.

I’ve heard negative feedback on Mturk, and I think one of the reasons is because there are so many hits available for you that are a penny or a little more. I know that my time is worth more than a penny, even if the job only takes 1 minute.

Here’s how I’ve been successful with them: I refuse to work for a penny. So I will search out the jobs that pay $.50 or more and that I’m qualified for. And the more jobs you do the more jobs you’re qualified for.

This starts me off nicely. Sometimes I can find jobs that are $1.00 or more that only take 5 minutes. Sometimes I have only $.50 jobs. And sometimes, I don’t qualify for any jobs that are over $.50. If I have to I will lower my search to $.40 or sometimes even $.25, but I will never go below a quarter. I know what my time is worth.

The majority of the hits that I do are surveys. Some of them do touch on uncomfortable topics, though, so if you mind certain subjects watch for indications that the survey might make you uncomfortable. They usually state it before you accept the hit.

Inbox Dollars

There are a lot of different surveys that you can do on the site and most pay over a quarter. You also get $5 just for signing up…and who doesn’t like free money? I know I do!

There are multiple tasks that you can do that will help you earn cash. Within the first five minutes of me being on this site I had $6.75 in my account.

Quick Rewards

They offer surveys, deals, games, videos. And they kind of remind me of Inbox Dollars. And they offer quick pay out through Paypal, which is a bonus.

American Consumer Opinion

I’ve read some amazing reviews on American Consumer Opinion. You can take surveys and test out new products to earn cash.

Direct Marketing

I think that direct marketing gets a bad rap too often. Some direct marketing companies are amazing. Some are definitely trying to push their products too much and it becomes all about the sale, not about what type of value their product will provide to the person that they are trying to sell to.

Honestly, I hate selling. I hate it with a purple freaking passion. It has to be one of the worst jobs ever. At least for me.

Part of that is because I am completely 100% honest. I would never make it as a car salesman or a realtor because I would be the first one to point out all of the flaws to the potential buyer. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with people that do that for a living. But I would definitely not be able to keep my tongue behind my teeth, it just wouldn’t happen.

So, direct marketing is kinda like that for me too. If I don’t 100% believe in the product, I can’t sell it. I just can’t. No matter how much money you offer me. It’s not going to happen.

That’s why I love Wildtree. I started working with them a couple of years ago and I absolutely love what they stand for.

If you didn’t know, Wildtree is an organic and all natural/non-GMO food company that sells AMAZING and delicious food. They have oils, dip mixes, spice mixes, packaged dinners, even an organic mac and cheese mix for the kiddos.

Out of all of the items they have, there’s only 1 that I don’t like (mainly because it’s so spicy that it feels like my throat is on fire. But hey, you might be into that type of thang).

Anyway, I feel like it sells itself. I do tasting parties and freezer meal workshops and all that I have to do is tell people what I like, they taste it (and agree with me), and then I get commission on any sales that I make (which is usually quite a bit). I have a blast doing these parties too.

Especially since I live in the middle of nowhere and don’t socialize as often as I would like to. These parties are an awesome excuse to get away from the house.

Saving Money and Making Money


If you haven’t signed up for Ibotta…do it now! Ok, not to be bossy (my apologies) but this app is pretty much the bees knees. The app is free, which rocks, AND if you sign up through my link you get $10 automatically added to your account, which doubly rocks.

Ibotta is a rebates app that gives you money back just for going grocery shopping (something I’m sure we all do). You just put in your zip code and bada bing bada boo it pulls up all of the offers in your area.

Crazy story here…a few weeks ago I went to the store and bought 2 loaves of bread. The store was having a huge sale on bread products (awesome!). I hadn’t even looked at Ibotta before I left for the store. When I got back and scanned in my groceries…I got those 2 loaves of bread for free (score!). Each loaf was $1 and the rebates that I had were…ahem, a $1. So that was nice.

AND once you sign up you can refer your friends…and get $5 every time one of them signs up. It’s a HUGE win win with this app. I love it!

How I Got Almost 9000 Followers on Pinterest

When I first started using Pinterest, back in 2012, I had no idea what it would do for my, then, tiny blog. At that point in my blogging I was doing it just for something to do and because I loved to share. It was a hobby more than anything.

I would write up posts sporadically, chat with like minded people, and just have fun. I didn’t know that there was the possibility of making income with blogging. I didn’t know that Pinterest would be a game changer for those that did make money with blogging.

I had initially started out using my own personal Pinterest account, but decided that I wanted to create an account using my blogs name. That account would be where I shared my personal blog content + content from the niche that I was posting in (homesteading and natural living).

So, I created my blog account in 2014 (Natural Peasant) and started pinning every article that I could find in that niche and then a few that were extras for my personal know-how.

Within just a few short months I had close to 9000 followers. Here’s how I did it without having to exhaust myself on Pinterest.

(This post contains affiliate links. Opinions are 100% my own)

Natural Peasant Pinterest Followers

Set Up A Pinning Schedule

At first, I didn’t actually have a pinning schedule. At the time I first started the account I was working an incredibly dull job that would allow us to use Pinterest in our down times. And there were a lot of down times.

So, to pass the time I used Pinterest…A LOT.

Coincidentally, the times that we were slow at work, and I was busy pinning, just so happened to be some of the best times to pin on Pinterest. I see a large amount of interaction on my Pinterest around lunch time (between 11 am and 2 pm) and then after dinner time (usually between 6-8 pm).

I was pinning every day at those times and soon I had almost 9000 followers.

That was with me not even realizing that I was doing something right. That was with me not even trying to increase my followers. I was just trying to kill time and cut boredom.

After the first month of pinning, I realized that with the amount of people that were repinning my few blog posts, that maybe I could actually make a little bit of income by incorporating ads. And that maybe I could actually set a pinning schedule and pin with a purpose to increase page views.

So, I purposefully pinned as much as I could throughout the day. I started following people in my niche to make sure that I had more content to read and pin, and I just kept at it.

I Pinned My Own Pins at Least Once a Week

To increase the views that I had on my own blog I made sure to pin my own pins at least once a week.

When I first started doing this, Pinterest displayed pins in order regardless of the amount of repins a pin had. They would even show you your own pins on your home page.

So it wasn’t a good thing to post them to every board that I had on my account that the pin would fit under, because it would look like I was spamming my followers with the same post, and I was worried about losing followers.

So, each week I picked one board that all of my own personal pins would fit under and I pinned to that one board. This kept me from spamming my followers, and yet it got my posts out there for people that hadn’t seen them yet.

Thankfully, Pinterest works on an algorithm now. Not every pin that you pin will show up in your followers feed.

The way that the Pinterest algorithm works now is that the more re-pins on a pin, the more likely that the pin will show up in your followers feed.

Natural Peasant Pinterest Repins
You can see that I had 10.1 thousand pins from this one pin and 807 likes. This was off of a Blogspot blog, guys. A blog that I didn’t post to very often and that I don’t post to anymore.


I Signed Up With Tailwind

I was a little skeptical at first when it came to signing up with Tailwind. I mean, I love to use Pinterest, so I didn’t want anything interfering with how much I enjoy it.

I had figured that it would be a headache to schedule pins and that it might even take more time to schedule them than it would to just pin them myself. And I’m all about saving time.

I was definitely wrong though.

Tailwind didn’t interfere with my love for Pinterest. If anything it increased it. Now I was able to efficiently use Pinterest to increase my pinning, and I could literally do it in my sleep.

It is also incredibly easy to use for scheduling pins.

When you first sign up for Tailwind they provide you with some training videos to get the rundown of how it works. In those videos you learn how easy it is to schedule a bunch of pins and then to say that you want all or some of those pins on specific boards. It literally takes just a couple of minutes to schedule a bunch of pins. And it’s a huge time saver.

Another benefit to Tailwind is that they are directly affiliated with Pinterest. So, you can continue to use your own Pinterest account to relieve boredom if you want to pin directly instead of scheduling.

I’ve heard that the other Pinterest scheduling programs don’t allow that. Because they are not directly associated with Pinterest they require that you give them your sign in email and password and that the only way you can pin is if you schedule it through them. Which sucks…I don’t think that I would enjoy that very much at all. Because I LOVE pinning and reading articles from Pinterest. It’s probably my all time favorite social media platform.

With Tailwind, it’s almost as if they are a plug in to Pinterest. Once you get it all set up you can then use it whenever you go to Pinterest.

I Got Serious

Since creating a new Pinterest account for this blog and changing my niche, I switched boards around on my Natural Peasant site to reflect Work From Home and Blogging boards first.

It turns out that when I changed my niche, that was the correct thing to do as my followers started to increase by hundreds. I had even deleted some boards, which made me lose about 200 followers that had only been following those boards, but I regained that amount of followers within a week.

But how I got serious was that I realized that even just changing my niche for Natural Peasant, didn’t allow me to truly focus on this blog. So…I started the Jenn | Single Mom Works From Home Pinterest account, and within one week I had close to 100 followers.

For this account, things are definitely more organized and serious.

My first board is the board that is dedicated solely to my blog. The rest of the boards are ONLY about my niche topic. While I’m also a homesteader, I don’t write about homesteading on this blog, so I kept those pins to the Natural Peasant account.

Even with the small amount of followers that I now have (more are added daily) I still have decent repins off of my pins.

Single Mom Works From Home Repins

Not bad for a new account. 37 pins and 3 likes…with less than 100 followers.

I Incorporated Rich Pins

Rich pins make your blog look legit. You’re not just some blogger…you’re a professional blogger. And rich pins show that to all of your Pinterest followers.

They definitely draw people’s eye to your pin. As someone who isn’t the most tech savvy, I referenced Jessica Slaughter’s post to help me install them with WordPress, and I suggest you do the same. Very easy instructions to follow and it literally took me five minutes to do.

I Networked

The key to getting your particular audience to become a follower on Pinterest, is to first go out and find them.

When I only had the Natural Peasant account, I found homesteading groups to join on Facebook, started following a lot of boards and people on Pinterest that were all about homesteading, and I (again) repinned a lot.

Now, with my new account, I’ve found work at home groups and blogging groups on Facebook that do Pinterest promotion days.

Here are a couple that I’m a part of:

Bloggers Social Media Support

My Pro Blog + Biz

Whenever joining any group, be sure to read their rules first. Some groups will allow you to post to the page itself, others want you to wait for a particular thread to post, and some have specific guidelines and requirements just to get into the group.





5 Mistakes I Made When I Became a Solopreneur + How You Can Avoid Them

This newest transition to working from home full time has so far been pretty successful, as least to my standards. But I honestly don’t think I could be where I am right now without having gone through a ton of failures before.

Let me explain…

I’ve been solopreneurial/entrepreneurial minded my entire life. I’ve been the business owner of multiple small businesses. I’ve put my fingers into many different business pots…and I’ve failed, like a lot.

I use to beat myself up about it. I thought that there must be something wrong with me. I mean how could I make one terrible business decision after another and still expect to be my own boss?

But, recently, I realized how much I’ve grown because of those failures. And then I stopped calling them failures and something magical happened.

You see…they weren’t failures at all…they were wins. Because every single mistake that I made was a lesson learned.

Now I would like to share those mistakes with you and hope that if you haven’t already made them you can learn from my mistakes and not repeat them.

Trying to do too Much, too Soon

One of my downfalls is that I am incredibly impatient. When I start a new venture I want to see results immediately. So I have a tendency to push myself until I see those results…and then experience burn out.

And one thing that I’ve realized is that had I taken time off to recharge, had I actually sat down and thought things through, had I worked on building something instead of hoping and praying for instant success I would’ve been successful.

The drive in me allows me to get frustrated when I bust my butt on trying to focus on the top goal and see no or minimal results. Because, let’s face it, how can anybody run a successful business if they didn’t first create the foundation to put it on?

So, I started slowing down….a lot.

What I do now, and what I suggest you do, is start at the bottom and be completely content in doing so. Work to build the foundation that will be needed in order to be successful later.

When I do goal setting I like to first put my long term goal at the top of a piece of paper, or the one that will make me feel successful if I complete it, and then start writing the goals that I will first need to accomplish before my end goal can be achieved.

I ask myself, what steps need to happen first before I can accomplish this goal? And for every step, I ask that question again…until I’m right back to the beginning, where I’m at now, and working on baby steps to build up that initial foundation.

I also started investing in myself. Not necessarily money, but definitely time. I invested my time to work on my own personal development.

I have spent so much of my working hours this time around learning new skills, talking with the masters that have been doing this for years, taking tutorials, AND more than anything else…building community. Because those are the foundations that are needed in order to rise and be a success.

Investing WAYYY Too Much Money

I remember one of my business partners from a past venture loved to use the phrase “You have to spend money to make money.” Which can be true, but doesn’t always have to be. And was one of the reasons that we never actually made money in that business.

Unless you are starting a store front where you need a ton of inventory right off the bat, try to invest as little money as possible right at first. I know that sounds counter intuitive. But hear me out.

With many new business ventures we end up going into them NOT actually knowing a good investment from a bad investment. Let me give you an example:

With this blog…when I first started it up I wanted everything to look professional. I, of course, was new to using a self hosted blog and I wanted my layout and design to look amazing, and not like a newb was running the show.

I searched themes high and low and found one that was so pretty and elegant and clean and feminine. I was in love with that theme and was willing to spend the $100 to purchase the theme and then have it installed.

Long story short…the theme was pretty, but the usability of it was horrid! I wasn’t able to customize my side bar. I wasn’t able to add tabs to the top. And trying to navigate that thing…incredibly frustrating.

Lesson learned…because I was new to self hosted blogging, I didn’t actually know what type of theme would have worked best. I knew the look that I wanted but I didn’t know what to actually look for as far as functionality. And crazy enough, right now I’m using a basic free theme that works 100 times better than that $100 investment that I now can’t/don’t use.

So learn to invest your hard earned cash when the time is right. And when you are a bit more experienced in your venture that you can tell exactly what your business needs to continue growing.

Taking it Personal When People Don’t Support My Dreams

Boy oh boy oh boy. Doesn’t it frustrate you when you’re so excited about starting a new venture in your life, something that has you working on fulfilling your dreams, and you are met with a bunch of cynicism?

Sometimes, the ones that we love the most are the most fearful for us to do something a little bit more risky. And sometimes they don’t show it in the best way. They might make rude comments about how impossible your dream/goal is, how crazy you are for leaving your good paying job, or maybe even make bets about how quickly you will give up this “dumb” notion and return back to the rat race…where…you…belong (and they call us crazy? Pffft).

The key is to not take it personally. Some people don’t know how to be supportive. Some people will see you living and designing your ideal life and will get jealous. And some people will genuinely be fearful for you to step outside of the box.

I literally had a friend tell me that she was happy for me, but not to be surprised if she showed resentment toward me. I mean…what?

But you know what I did? I just shrugged it off.

In the long run, regardless of what other people think about what you are doing with your life…this IS YOUR LIFE. The only way that you are going to be a success is if YOU believe in yourself and ignore the haters.

AND I think that you will find that the more that you believe in yourself and apply yourself and live the life that you want, the more that those haters will begin to change their mind and become supportive.

Trying to Market to All Audiences and Not Focusing on My Niche

It’s really easy to get caught up in trying to advertise your services or your blog to everybody under the sun. But running newspaper ads or ones that aren’t specific to who you are trying to attract is really just a waste of time and money.

This might sound harsh, but the mechanic next door probably doesn’t care about the candles you’re selling. The childless workaholic doesn’t care about your daycare services. And the overworked and underpaid single mom probably doesn’t care about your DIY home repairs blog…unless, of course, it’s specifically about how to frugally DIY home repairs targeted at women who don’t have much time on their hands. Then by all means…proceed.

You need to figure out who your target audience/customer is, and you need to specifically market to them. That’s where your repeat business will come from. Sure, you might get the odd customer that doesn’t fit in your target audience that decides they need your services once, but chances are they won’t be back.

So stop marketing to them. Create a detailed marketing plan that lays out who your ideal audience/customer is and where you can find them. And that is where you need to focus on marketing.

Giving Up Toooo Soon

This kinda goes back to the very first one. Trying to do too much, too soon, will leave you feeling flabbergasted when you don’t see the results you want. Trust me…I know.

Out of all of the ventures that I’ve done I can see the same pattern over and over and over, that’s why I’m taking those life lessons and using them to start from scratch while breaking that cycle.

Many times I would experience burn out or wouldn’t have a strong business plan that I was following, and out of frustration I would make the decision to just give up.

Looking back now, I can tell that maybe that wasn’t the best decision.

Part of it was that for many of my failed ventures I was young, really really young. And while some young people are incredibly successful because they know how to structure their business, I had almost too much drive and not enough know-how.

But when I look back at the decision I made, I realize that had I had the know-how of how to structure my business, had I slowed down and started from the bottom instead of the top, had I stopped listening to all of the doubters and haters…my business probably would’ve been successful.

The potential was definitely there, I just gave up way too soon.

So, I’m not giving up this time. And I hope that you don’t either.


What to do if You Feel Like Giving up on Working From Home

I think many of us start off with this romantic notion on how working from home will enrich our lives. I mean, who doesn’t want more time with the family, more “me” time, and the opportunity to make money on our own terms?

The romantic notion and images that we have playing in our head can leave us dreaming of working a couple of hours each day and then having the rest of the day to do whatever we want. All while making six figures each month.

Who wouldn’t love that job? I know I would.

But working from home is all about dedication and hard work…especially at first.

I read a blog post the other day by someone who literally is making six figures each month. He’s also working less than 40 hrs each week. Sounds delightful.

But…he got his blog (and other business ventures) to where it is now by busting his butt. He may work less than 40 hrs each week NOW but that wasn’t the case when he got started.

So, when you first start to work from home you can start to feel as if your dreams have been shattered. Where did all that free time go that you were suppose to be in abundance of? Why does it sometimes take hours just to make a couple of bucks? Why aren’t you making money while you sleep?

The answer, my friends, is that you haven’t put in the time yet. You haven’t gotten to the point in your work at home experience to be able to really enjoy it. And that’s okay.

I think I first started to experience work from home overload within my first two weeks of working from home. Through heavy research (and crazy breathing techniques) I was able to pull through, and so can you.

Vision Board

One of the ways that I have kept my head in the game is by creating a vision board to visualize exactly where I want to be a year from now. I spend about 15 minutes every morning just sitting and staring at my board.

I’ll grab a cup of coffee, find a quiet corner, sit and relax. The vision board helps to keep me focused on where I want to be and it allows me to visualize my goals.

I’m a very visual person, so sitting and chillaxing with my vision board keeps my head clear. It also is a great start to each day as it seems to get my blood pumping so that I’m ready to put in a long day if need be.

Personal Development Plan

One thing that I learned from working in the corporate world is that it’s incredibly difficult to develop yourself if you don’t have a plan of action. And it IS important to develop yourself if you want to make working at home work for you.

Developing yourself means that you are constantly learning new skills and that you are willing to make mistakes and learn from them. You want to grow as a person.

To create a development plan just take a simple lined piece of paper and answer these 10 questions:

1. Where do I see myself in the next year?

2. Where do I see myself in the next 5 years?

3. Where do I see myself in the next 10 years?

4. How do I want to grow this month?

5. What new skills do I want to learn?

6. What resources do I have at my disposal for learning these skills?

7. What are my goals this month?

8. What milestones will I set to know how close I am to my goals?

9. What rewards will I set when I achieve my goals?

10. What is my plan of action for achieving my goals?

Once you’ve got the development plan all written up, start to live it. Keep track of your progress. Heck, ask a buddy to help keep track of your progress. Hold yourself accountable.

Have a Set Schedule

You wouldn’t believe how fast time flies when you’re hard at work…okay, maybe you would. But that’s time that you could be spending with your loved ones.

One of the biggest points of leaving the corporate world for me was because I would get the opportunity to spend more time with my daughter. But that didn’t happen when I moved to working from home.

That’s because I had this crazy tingling in my brain that led me to believe that any down time was time that I could’ve been making money. Which I suppose is true, in a sense, but the thing is if you focus enough of your time on building your work at home platform on a set schedule…you won’t experience burn out.

Having a set schedule (yes, with days off!!) you allow yourself to unwind and get in that well deserved time with your loved ones…you know, the reasons that you started working from home in the first place?

Think it, Believe it, Be it

When you work from home you will probably experience a lot of negative remarks from people that you thought cared about you. In truth, they really do care about you, they’re just non-believers is all.

One of the biggest obstacles that I faced when coming home to work was the negativity that came from my dad. I remember having a conversation with him about people that have made it big working from home or blogging. I had just read an income report from someone that has been blogging for ages, and he’s making 6 figures each month.

When I told my dad, he just kind of rolled his eyes (not believing that making 6 figures from home was a thing) and said “If you want to make that kind of money, I suggest getting a job.”

The problem with his theory, though, is that according to Social Security I’ve made around $120,000 in my lifetime…I’m 33 and I have a college degree PLUS a ton of debt from going to college. Sure, if I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, that would’ve been great advice. But I don’t want to be either. What I want is to be in complete control of my income.

So, I had to quiet him by just not talking about it with him anymore. And you might find yourself having to do the same thing.

But don’t ever stop believing. When you meet someone new and they ask you what you do…tell them! “I work from home as a full time blogger/freelance writer/transcriber/direct salesperson/etc.”

When you own it, people respect that. And chances are they will start to ask a bunch of questions about how you do it, heck they might even rely on your expertise to help them get started working from home as well.

Keep a Journal or Work Log

Keep track of everything that you do so that you can go back later and say “Wow, I did all of that!”

Keep yourself motivated and write…it…down.

Take Personal “Me” Time

Every day, take some personal time just for you. Whether it’s an hour every day or a half hour, spend that time reading, soaking in a bath, going for walks, or whatever else makes your soul shine.

Just step away from the computer.

I hope this list is helpful for you to prevent you from giving up on your continued dreaming of working from home. Just remember WHY you decided to go down this path, and the HOW should come to you.


The #1 Design Tool You Need for Your Blog if You Suck at Designing

I have a confession. I’m not very good at designing. Not very good at all. Short of actually hiring someone to design ALL of my blog media and layout, I’ve tried everything. I’ve played around with free stock photos, Photoshop, and some free designing websites. I just couldn’t get my designs to look right.

In this life I’ve been a writer, photographer, and sculptor. But give me a pencil and I’ll draw you a stick figure. Ask me to paint you a picture and it will look like the masterpiece of a 3 year old.

I have ideas in my head and then find it impossible to copy them onto paper, or in this case…onto my blog.

And having good design skills is almost imperative for encouraging your readers to stay, as well as attracting new readers. So, I figured that I was going to be dead in the water. No hope for this design reject to ever have an eye catching blog.

When I came across this tool I was a bit skeptical. I mean, how could it be any different than the other 5 billion designing tools that I tried?

But it is…it’s way different. Different to the point that I’m jump-in-the-air-clicking-my-heels happy.

What is this amazing tool? Canva is this amazing tool!

Need to design a header for your blog? Canva has an option for customizing sizes. Facebook cover photo? Canva has you covered.

My favorite, though, is the predesigned images. Canva is fully loaded with predesigned images that you just add text to. That makes designing blog images easy peasy.

There are quite a few free images that you can use, you can keep the wording layout and supply your own image, or you can purchase images.

I’ve been sticking with the free ones for now, but I can tell that I will eventually run out of the good ones and have no problem paying $1 for a really good image. I will continue to search for other high quality free stock photos though, before I take that option.

Along with Canva, I used the tools taught by Regina in her post How to Create a Style Guide for Your Blog, which also comes with a free template for helping you create that guide. If you haven’t downloaded the template yet, I suggest doing so. It’s very helpful.

I used her template to record my “brand”. It teaches you how to record the colors you want for your blog as well as the type of images that will represent it.

Canva can also come in handy to record the colors for your brand, and whenever you add text to an image Canva will automatically direct you to using one of your brand colors.

So, there’s my one design tool that I find super important if you suck at designing. If you have other user friendly tools for the reject designer, please let me know in the comments.